Hi! My name is Lewis Bacon, I am an ILCA 4 / ILCA 6 sailor and have been in receipt of the Performance Academy Sailor Scholarship (PASS) for 2023.  

It has been a busy summer, with me competing at a number of events which PASS has really helped me through. The highlight of my summer was the ILCA 4 World Championships in Volos, Greece.  This was an amazing experience for me to learn to compete on the International ILCA scene and wouldn’t have been nearly as successful for me without the outstanding event support, provided by the ASC Performance Academy.  

Taking part in the ILCA 4 Youth World Championships was an amazing experience

At the event the excellent coaches from Performance Academy, James Parker Mowbray, Ali Young and Jake Bowhay provided daily briefings and debriefs as well as the on water support which was vital in the sweltering heat as it wasn’t possible to carry enough water for the day.  

Next in my journey is my ongoing transition into the ILCA 6. My first event was at Paignton for the UKLA Autumn qualifier.  I had no expectations going into the event, I wanted to take it as a learning experience, and I’m really happy with the lessons learnt and improvements I have made. 

Over the winter I want to continue to hone my skills and for these colder and more turbulent conditions I definitely need good kit! I was thrilled to receive my Rooster kit package as part of the scholarship containing amongst other things the Rooster Pro Laced Ankle Strap Boots. These boots are going to be crucial in keeping my feet warm and working over the winter months and the great grip combined with the extra comfortable materials will be greatly appreciated.  Another great item was the Rooster Soft Shell Jacket which has already been put to good use keeping me both warm and dry at the Paignton Qualifier with the torrential downpour that occurred. 

Rooster Soft Shell Jacket keeping me warm and dry in the winter conditions!

I would like to say a big thanks to my mentor Rory Wilson.  He’s always found time to chat, debrief and help me consider the importance of your mindset in sailing. I look forward to continuing my journey with PASS. 

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